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About Us

About Us

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Our company is dedicated to the development of the deep-sea fishery, particularly in the South Pacific tuna fishery. Our supplement base is in Suva of Fiji, and the fisheries areas include the high seas of Solomon and Tahiti.
    At present, our company is a member of the China Deep-Sea Fisheries Association, and also a governing unit of Shandong Province Deep-Sea Fisheries Association. Our company has the quantifications of deep-sea fishery that granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, applying for Seafarers Passport that granted by the Ministry of Transportation, as well as applying to customs for clearance and inspection.
    In the future, our company will take advantage of our superiority and accelerate the development of the deep-sea fishery. We will take the Port Louis of Mauritius as our supplement base and develop the tuna fishing, lighting purse-seine fishing and etc. We believe we could realize the economy of industrial scale step by step.

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