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Yellowfin tuna


Yellowfin tuna , oceanic warm water valuable pelagic fish . Is a kind of tuna , because dorsal and anal fins yellow named.
1 shape features
Yellowfin tuna into a body length of up to three meters and weigh up to 225 kilograms , generally large up to 2 meters and weighing 100 kilograms or more, yellow fin , streamlined body was lean . Juveniles of rapid growth and development of adult fish growth slowed significantly . [ 1 ]
Its streamlined body back is dark blue metallic , the integration into the yellow or silver belly . Abdominal pattern dotted with numerous , and a vivid golden stripes along the sides of the body , from the eye to the tail . Yellowfin tuna have two dorsal fins , the second one, which can be very long , long anal fin is located directly on . Pectoral fins , each side of the body found in the space between the two is often beyond the reach of the dorsal fin . Can be retracted so that the flow of water , the tiny fin body more smoothly when it swim ( or finlets), ran down the top and bottom of the fuselage from the tail of the second dorsal and anal fins . These finlets, along the dorsal and anal fins are bright yellow , finlets is bordered by a narrow black belt . [ 2 ]
2 . Distribution
Yellowfin tuna distributed in latitude 40 ° ~ 35 ° S in the Pacific, Atlantic , Indian Ocean tropical and subtropical waters , but it can not live in the Mediterranean. In China , only distributed in the South China Sea and East China Sea.
3 Living Environment
Yellowfin tuna are pelagic fish, generally live in tropical and temperate waters , it is usually in the range of activities of the main habitat 50m ~ 250m deep water , it also depends on the depth of the sea level in different regions and seasons .
4 Habits
Yellowfin tuna is a fish , and there is a strong tendency to gather fish with the same size , but compared to the other yellow fin tuna. They can often be seen with the other , such as bonito ( tuna Katsuwonus) and bigeye tuna ( tuna obesus). This powerful swimmers are opportunistic predators , a variety of fish such as squid, cuttlefish , octopus , lobster and crab ocean . Fish consumption , including sardines, anchovies , mackerel, tuna or other . Obviously, they find their food , just by sight, because they are mainly surface water during the day in search of food .
5. Growth and reproduction
3-6 months each year is yellowfin tuna spawning season. A female fecundity between 200-800 million pills of a spawning season females spawn repeatedly , is spawning a batch type . Yellowfin tuna is quite exuberant fecundity . Yellowfin tuna spawning grounds in the population , can occur at any time of the year , but the most common in the summer of each hemisphere . Each female releases millions of eggs into the ocean every year , which is released by the male sperm . The rapid growth of juvenile yellowfin tuna , reaching 3.4 kg weight in 18 months.

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