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Bigeye tuna


Bigeye Tuna Thunnus obesus: aka bigeye tuna . One kind of fast swimming speed , body beautiful deep-sea fish .
1 Basic information
Chinese mainland Name: bigeye tuna China Taiwan Name: bigeye Japanese name :メdrumstick English name : Bigeye Tuna Category : From the classification of biological sense, refers broadly tuna fish mackerel Branch, Branch and swordfish swordfish Division totaled about 30 species of fish . Variety : From tuna varieties, namely low quality sashimi bluefin tuna, Massu tuna, bigeye tuna and yellowfin tuna . Massu bluefin tuna and tuna yield is low, the price is very high , bigeye tuna and bluefin tuna similar large pectoral fins , large eyes . Tuna fish is common bigeye tuna and yellowfin tuna made ​​. [ 1 ]
2 shape features
There are 13 recognized tuna species, the most common are seven kinds of small species of tuna weighs less than 9 kg , and a large species of tuna can weigh up to 45 kilograms or more. All tuna were tested streamlined shape , pressure resistance , forked tail , far apart [ 2 ] . Body fusiform , stout plump body before the middle of Asia cylindrical . Caudal peduncle short , both sides have a big bulge crest , and another 2 small bulge beneath the ridge on the tail base . Large round head . Snout short . Big eyes . Other large mouth , maxillary straight, the lower jaw with a small bevel gear , about 39 maxillary teeth , jaw teeth small , about 45 . Preopercle a grid -shaped pleats . After Opercular edge smooth. Body was ctenoid , breastplate scales significantly larger. Lateral line on the pectoral方呈波shape , extending backwards along the back edge of the base of the tail . Body head back cyan, anal pale , pelvic gray, front microstrip yellow , small fins yellow , with black edges. Bigeye tuna migratory pelagic fish, tuna is tuna category after a large species , typically 1.5 to 2.0 meters in length , weighing about 100 kg . In order to catch production is generally 16 to 35 kg individual dominant. [ 3 ]
3 . Distribution
Distribution of bigeye tuna in the Atlantic , tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Its optimum temperature range of 13 ~ 27 ° C, integrated crowd at 21 ~ 22 ° C water temperature when . In the Indian Ocean , located in the waters of the South Equatorial Current and the north African coast and the island of Madagascar , is common in India - Australian Archipelago . Eastern Indian Ocean waters from June to September is filled fishing season [ 4 ] . Main fishing grounds in waters between 35 degrees north latitude and the equator , is the largest catches of tuna species. [ 5 ]
4 Habits
Bigeye tuna inhabit deeper water depth up to 200-300 meters , sexually mature individuals inhabit the surface . Mainly in the deep-sea fish for food, fish, squid and large crustaceans based. Maximum travel speed up to 100 km / h . [ 3 ]
5. Growth and reproduction
Bigeye tuna in three age, body length of 0.9 to 1 meter sexual maturity . Spawning in equatorial waters. In the Indian Ocean , fish along the equator into dense zonal distribution in east-west direction , almost all spawning groups. Bigeye tuna mainly cephalopods , shrimp and flying fish and other small fish for food during the day mainly inhabit the deeper water layers near the surface at night to move on the surface feeding in shallow water depth of 130m higher frequency range of activities . Preliminary observations from the fishing time , which is more active in the evening and the next day凌晨摄daily food .

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