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Also for albicore. Scientific name Thunnus alalunga. Large ocean fish, known for its fine meat. Bluefin tuna (T. thynnus) is sometimes also called albacore.
1 Name Introduction
Chinese name: English name albacore tuna: Albacore Tuna Common name: albacore tuna, albacore tuna.
2 Origin and date
Distribution of fishing grounds in the North Pacific, the North Pacific Fishery refers to longitude 150 ° east longitude 150 °, 25 ° north latitude waters. In the North Pacific current system, the Kuroshio, and northern albacore tuna density currents of the largest in California.
3 Introduction
Chinese mainland Name: Albacore China Taiwan Name: albacore Japanese name: Bldg nn ga ナ English name: Albacore Tuna albacore albacore tuna (6) is smaller and tuna-like species in a body length of 1 m so, particularly long pectoral fins, meat, nearly white, juicy, succulent and soft. Used for the production of oil and canned products.

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