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Policy support for the offshore fishing plus enough "horsepower"


Date:11/22/2013 4:48:30 PM


In recent years, offshore resources are depleted , ocean fishing fishing companies competing to become the new Guru "battlefield ." Especially since the implementation of the national interest subsidies since offshore fishing , offshore fishing companies the city is to add a little of the " horsepower ."
    As early as 2002 years ago, part of the city's fishing enterprises realized the importance of offshore fishing , have taken the pace going in recent years , the state has increased the discount offshore fishing efforts , fuel subsidies than ocean-going vessels offshore operations fishing boat about 50% higher , meaning that the average ocean-going vessels can subsidize several hundred thousand dollars a year . " ocean and Fishery Bureau of fisheries chief董崇强said that in recent years the city's efforts to secure funding to increase year by year , 2006 to 2010 , the city of qualifying offshore ocean fishing vessel construction enterprises , loans for the purchase and renovation of other aspects of 46.66 million yuan of funds for a grant .
    On董崇强desk , there is a copy of the information just received . Authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Shandong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department approved this year, the city will add a number of 300KW freezer trawlers can go over to the east coast of the Korean operations, the approved number of vessels accounted for 77 % of the provincial total. This also marks the city's marine fisheries work space will further develop .
    Reporters learned that the city jobs offshore fishing waters in the Southwest Atlantic , the Southeast Pacific , Western Pacific, Indian Ocean , southwest Atlantic based, the project involves squid fishing operations , such as tuna longline fishing and trawling . In recent years , the city's offshore fishing enterprises continue to open up new areas of fishing grounds and jobs - the summer of 2011 , Jinghai our first camp five boats went to the Pacific and India尼阿拉弗拉sea otter trawl fisheries engaged in fishing operations , opened in the province the fishery engaged in offshore operations precedent ; Rong Ma fisheries Ltd. plans to open this year Russian waters , extends further offshore fishing waters ; Jinghai Group Co. , Ltd. Rongcheng offshore fishing offshore fishing companies , such as 10 agents scale entry into the fishing year further increase ......
    Offshore fishing is fishing enterprises has brought huge benefits. Jinghai Group to achieve output in India尼阿拉弗拉sea otter trawl fisheries fishing project six months more than 2500 yuan ; lidao ocean fishing moratorium on the use of technology companies last year sent 14 trawlers went to the east coast of the Korean squid fishing , revenue of 34 million yuan . Because the outstanding achievements in offshore fishing , Chang and fisheries, Jinghai Group lidao related marine technology companies offshore fishing project was included in 2011 in Shandong Province, the second batch of 800 million yuan , " two areas" special funds to support the construction of the scope of further accelerated the city's offshore fishing industry restructuring and strategic upgrades.

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