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Weihai offshore fishing significantly enhance the size and strength


Date:11/22/2013 4:59:52 PM


 In recent years, Weihai conscientiously implement the national " going out" strategy , growing oceanic fisheries, consolidating and improving over the ocean fisheries , offshore fishing overall size and strength has leapt to the forefront of national -level city .
First offshore fishing comprehensive strength.
Ministry of Agriculture, the city obtained the number of offshore fishing business enterprise qualification from the "Eleventh Five-Year" at the beginning of the nine to the current 15 , accounting for 68% of the province's total, accounted for 13 % of the country . The number of jobs offshore fishing vessels of 160 from 2006 to 2011 the development of 521 , accounting for 24 % of the total ocean-going vessels . Operating range from the North Pacific Ocean , southeast Pacific, Indian Ocean and other waters of the high seas, exclusive economic zone and gradually expand to the Southwest Atlantic , Western Pacific high seas and Indonesia and other countries .
Second, offshore fishing yields, output growth is significant.
The past two years , the city's ocean fisheries production is 10 million tons , annual output value of more than 1.3 billion yuan . Which in 2010 reached a record level , ocean fisheries production and value , respectively, to break 120,000 tons and 1.5 billion yuan , compared with 2006 increased by 91% and 168 %. Offshore production accounts for the city's marine capture fisheries production in 2006 rose from 5.4 % to 11.8% in 2011 ; output from 10 % to 23%. Development of offshore fishing is not only eased the pressure on the development of the offshore fishery resources , but also enriched the seafood market , creating new jobs , promote the development of related industries , become structural adjustment to the way to optimize an important part of modern fisheries development pattern .
Third, over the ocean of ocean fisheries development significantly .
The eastern coast of North Korea over the ocean trawl project-based rapid development of offshore fisheries projects . Ocean of offshore fishing vessels engaged in less than 100 by the "Eleventh Five-Year" at the beginning of the development of more than 300 nearly two years , the annual output of about 1,000 tons of development to the highest ( 2010 ) of 90,000 tons , annual output value from 600 million to develop the 10 billion yuan. In 2011, India尼阿拉弗拉sea trawl fishery project Rongcheng City Limited is engaged in far spearheaded in the province , and achieved good economic and social benefits.
Fourth, offshore fishing varieties continue to enrich , sales stabilized.
Currently , there are varieties of major fishing offshore fishing tuna, squid, cod and low miscellaneous fish. Catch sales channels into international and domestic markets . Where a large number of low-value fish cargo back to domestic sales , mainly for a number of low-value fish such as squid, accounting for over 50% of total production offshore fishing ; certain high-value fish , such as tuna is exported to Japan , the European Union and the United States 20% of the market , accounting for total output.
Fifth superior support efforts to increase year by year .
Over the years, the national and provincial development for the offshore fishing offers a number of policy support , including shipbuilding capital subsidy , diesel subsidies, tax breaks , special funding arrangements for exploratory fishing resources , of which the city's offshore fishing business loan interest subsidy financed by 2006 500 million and gradually increase to 10 million yuan in 2009 after more than this series of supportive policies for the rapid development of the city's offshore fishing has played an important role in promoting .
Sixth, the development of offshore fishing Houjinshizu .
In recent years , Chang and Fisheries Ltd. Weihai , Weihai sea Fisheries Co. , Ltd. Shandong Seapower offshore fishing , Rongcheng City Hengyuan Fisheries Ltd. , Shandong Blue Ocean Fisheries Ltd. Vietnam nearly 10 companies specializing in offshore fishing have been established, further expanding the scale of development of offshore fishing . 2011 since , the city launched a new offshore fishing climax , as of April 2012 in early of 24 companies reporting construction ( reconstruction , purchase ) offshore fishing vessels 282 , the proposed operating waters extend to Sri Lanka, Liberia, Uruguay and Peru and other offshore countries. First quarter of 2012 , the city's ocean fisheries production reached 12,900 tons , the output value of 177 million yuan , an increase of 16.6% and 23.5 %.

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