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Tuna Fishery Status


Date:11/23/2013 8:06:11 AM


In the Pacific, skipjack resources do not seem to be seriously affected capture fisheries , but the possibility of expanding the future is unclear. In the Atlantic, some of the signs that have been fully developed bonito . In the Indian Ocean , resource assessment is not yet complete . 2000 than in all of 1999 young oceanic skipjack catches , which seems to protect the price of skipjack fishing effort is reduced , but not with the resource itself irrelevant . In the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and the eastern Pacific , yellowfin tuna resources have been developed to or near its MSY level, the future seems to have most of the change will depend on changes in the environment . In the Western Pacific, and some room for future development in all areas of the ocean , or bigeye tuna resources have been overexploited or close to its MSY levels, reduce the number of fishing intensity and catches will be necessary . Atlantic bluefin tuna stocks seems to be no prospect of an increase , but the resource Pacific may provide greater yields. Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean resources are still assessments.
    Engaged in three oceans oceanic tuna production of major countries and regions, the United States, Japan, South Korea , Spain, France , the Philippines , Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico , China's mainland and Taiwan Province , etc. , practices mainly large seine , pelagic ultra-low temperature tuna longline , small or chilled tuna longline offshore , coastal and small-scale longline fishing pole and so on.
    According to the World Organization tuna purse seine (WTPO) estimates that globally there are now 540 -550 two large tuna purse seine vessels . Currently, the global oceanic ultra-low temperature tuna longliners estimated that at least 1,800 vessels, of which Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Province of China are engaged in ultra-low temperature tuna pelagic longline fisheries major countries and regions. Korea oceanic tuna fishing 1970s had more than 500 , but in recent years the fleet size is shrinking , mainly produced in the Pacific and Indian Oceans . Scale tuna fishing fleet steadily Taiwan Province of China , regardless of fleet size or yields are in the world.
    Our tuna fishery started late, but rapid development . From the simple to the U.S. export market expansion in Japan , the European market , as well as supplying the domestic market , has made considerable progress. However, compared with developed countries or regions of the world fisheries , as well as with China's Taiwan Province , China's tuna fishery is still a wide gap. At present , China's use of tuna resources in the high seas is less than 1% of the world's high seas tuna production. World Tuna annual trade volume of more than 300 billion U.S. dollars, Taiwan Province of tuna per year output value of 3.0 billion U.S. dollars, China is only a mere $ 100 million .
    Tuna is a high-grade aquatic products into the domestic market at present very few number of tuna , tuna consumers unfamiliar, domestic consumption level is not high . The main domestic consumption of tuna sashimi ( kill sago ) , Japanese sushi , tuna preparations , such as canned tuna and tuna floss . Among them, the highest price for sashimi .
    Development of offshore fishing is one of the important industrial policy advocated by the Chinese government . Tuna fishing is an important part of China's development of offshore fishing . China must take full advantage of geographical location , increase funding and improve fishing facilities and technology to create and develop suitable for tuna for processing ultra- low temperature cold storage , and actively guide the consumer market , thus forming fishing, processing , export or consumption of industrial chain in order to promote China's sustainable economic development of the entire fishery .

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