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China Sea tuna resources


Date:11/23/2013 8:14:17 AM


 Tuna can range as far as thousands of kilometers of travel , can make transoceanic travel around , called " fish without borders ." East China Sea tuna mainly from the Pacific Ocean, the South China Sea area is mainly tuna-like species from the Pacific and Indian Oceans . For a long time , this resource as Japan, Taiwan, the use , by some estimates , the South China Sea area annual output of about 50,000 tons . Our other provinces barely specializes in fishing boat.
    By the end of 2009 by the South China Sea Fishery Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture project , Hainan Fisheries Research Institute renting boats specific commitment to implement . Two trips to the Spratly Islands investigation , which lasted 36 days, the survey of pelagic fish resources in the Spratly Islands in the eight reefs near the sea and fishing waters near the southwest , with a total range of about more than 5000 sea miles . Two sail under the net 33 times of the total catch of nearly 40 tons , with an average net production of 1.2 tons , the highest network capacity is 5 tons , mainly to capture the kind of round scad , bonito flat helm , kite squid , tuna, trevally Jane and so on. Exploratory fishing surveys in the bluefin tuna fishing , individuals are more than 10 kg , the maximum individual nearly 100 kilograms. April 2007 , the Guangdong Provincial Marine Fisheries Company Yangxi Shun Hing fishing fleet in the South China Sea in the south to capture dozens Chassi tail tuna, the largest individual has more than 40 kg , has more than 10 kg small . After the May 2010 Taizhou fishing club continued in 2009 to tour the many anglers Taizhou China Sea Oilfield cool, anglers again tour to South China Sea oil field , about 200 fishing on a total of more than 1500 kg yellowfin tuna . It is reported that from January 2001 - February , Wenling fishermen fishing in a small part of the job is idle to myself and recreational fishing , tuna fishing began . By 2003, more than 250 fishermen have been fishing boats idle or engaged in operations in the tuna fishing tuna Wangfa production, February 14, 2004 -18 days , the East China Sea and other sea tuna fishing 2164,2084 Wang, Wenling there more than 100 fishing boats fishing into production, five days of production time for better efficiency fishermen Wenling , Zhejiang Ridge No. 7538 fishing Fishing boats five days to get the total output produced 6.5 tons , the output value of 49,000 yuan , ( actual rudder fishing bonito , bonito ) . October 2009 , Wenling City, Zhejiang Ling Yun 259 fishing boat owners told reporters that his ship could bear to acquire nearly 2,000 daily tuna ( including bonito ) , was very low prices. 2010 , Putuo District Taohuadao a fishing boat in the East China Sea by purse-seine catch of skipjack and yellowfin tuna , selling nearly 90 million. In the same year , as a captain in the Putuo District, Guangdong fisherman told that the ship where he was fishing in the East China Sea more than 200 million bombs fish ( bonito ) and yellowfin tuna .

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