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Tuna and market value


Date:11/23/2013 8:15:31 AM


Tuna is a nutritional , healthy marine food ingredients , with eight effects:

1 , tuna meat protein proteins unmatched efficacy , helps the body 's metabolism. Is the best nutrition for children to grow naturally .
2 , tuna low fat, low calorie , and high-quality protein and other nutrients , eating tuna food , nutrition can balance the body needs to maintain a slim figure, is the ideal choice for modern women to lose weight easily .
3, the tuna is rich in DHA, EPA, taurine , can reduce blood fractions fat , help regeneration . Regular consumption of tuna, can reduce blood fat, clear the blood vessels , effectively preventing atherosclerosis in the elderly . Can protect the liver , improve liver excretory function , reduce the incidence of liver .
4 tuna in the EPA, protein , taurine were lower cholesterol Zhuo Xiao , regular consumption of tuna, can effectively reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood , thus preventing high cholesterol levels caused by the disease.
5, the tuna is rich in DHA. DHA is a human itself can not produce an unsaturated fatty acid , it is one of the nutrients required for normal activity of the brain . Regular consumption of tuna , which will help regenerate brain cells , improve memory , you can prevent Alzheimer's disease.
6 , tuna is rich in iron , vitamin B12 , and amino acids , easily absorbed . Regular consumption of tuna, can supplement amino acids by means of non-drug , iron supplements to prevent anemia, contribute to good health .
7 , tuna protein rich in amino acids , often eating tuna can clear the body of excess salt and water balance in the body content , maintain normal moisture index .
8 , tuna can be made into a variety of food , raw , stewed , fried, salt leaching, can also be made of bad fish . Tuna is best eaten raw , cooked fragrant also delicious eaten with green vegetables , taste better. Canned tuna in oil is very tasty.<
Tuna is not only loved by the people of Southeast Asia , Europe and America who also like to use canned tuna in oil formulated sandwiches, the majority of consumers , and its vast market , Japan, Western Europe and the United States are the three major market tuna products. It can be said in these countries tuna household name, just like the people familiar with China's coastal areas , like large yellow croaker and octopus . In today's reform and opening up , more and better life of our people , but also increasingly focused on dietary health , high-end seafood such as lobster , geoduck , salmon and other seafood , has lost its novelty . Therefore , China's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Bureau , China Fisheries Association is now open up the domestic market tuna , destined for the Japanese market will be part of the tuna directly shipped back to domestic sales , to the people can enjoy this delicious and nutritious sea treasure always . Over time , the tuna sold in the country will become increasingly popular.
We understand that the tuna market outlets is not a problem that can be said to be in short supply. Zhoushan City, the existing four companies in the processing of tuna , they are the raw tuna, skipjack tuna cannery processed into semi-finished products and export supply to the canning factory , the production capacity is very large, one line per day processing capacity can reach 30 tons or more . Zhejiang Industrial Group, Zhoushan Sea Island Aquatic companies have been acquired tuna , bonito, Ningbo City, also set up a large-scale tuna ultra-low temperature refrigeration and processing enterprises , built ultra-low temperature cold storage capacity of 1,000 tons, 10,000 tons of tuna per year can be processed . There Ningbo enterprises specializing in the production of canned tuna . Koto aquatic products wholesale markets through ultra- low temperature tuna wholesale price 100 yuan - 200 yuan / kg , located in the high-end supermarket and righteousness Avenue OLE had sales over the whole tuna , priced at 200 yuan - 300 yuan / kg between . Zhoushan hotel restaurant also serves some tuna .

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