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How to develop our seas tuna


Date:11/23/2013 8:17:44 AM


Tuna is a highly migratory fish stocks . The presence of migratory fishery off the coast of yellowfin tuna , skipjack tuna population resources , can say for sure , do not use that migratory passing into the Pacific Ocean . As in the east of the Yellow Sea mackerel scad fish resources of our country , but also to the East China Sea spawning , feeding , seasonally migratory .
The main goal we propose the development and utilization of domestic resources is tuna fishing yellowfin tuna and skipjack tuna . Yellowfin tuna because of its dorsal and anal fins yellow , named after the English name : Yellowfin Tuna. Main fishing grounds in the equatorial waters between latitude 35 degrees , is the largest catches of tuna species. Bonito, common name: the bomb fish , watermelon , English name : frigate mackerel, takes the shape of a spindle , oval-shaped cross section . Stout , without scales , smooth surface , caudal very developed. Head large, slightly conical side flat . Eye is relatively small, the back edge position near the head. Mouth large, end position, oblique fissure , and short snout , long jaw , etc. , each with sharp teeth line. Dorsal and ventral margin slightly curved edge ridges , caudal peduncle thin and powerful, with a raised ridge on each side and a small side of the two ridges . Crescent-shaped tail fin . Back blue black , light gray belly . Several longitudinal side abdomen dark stripes. Skipjack tuna are generally the same activities together . Domestic fishing relatively shallow depth , plus a variety of job mix , longlining is not quite suitable.
Domestic tuna purse from exploration and production projects practice Putuo District Fisheries Industry Association member units fishermen , has been initially developed domestic tuna purse-seine nets , fishing had some preliminary yield trials , there are certain benefits . Tuna purse seine its main benefit is to make full use of domestic fisheries resources , consisting mainly of tuna purse seine catches of yellowfin tuna species are mainly in the article , there are skipjack and bonito are the rudder , and individual fishing mostly in the 1.5 kg, can effectively protect the tuna fishery resources of the larvae , nor does killing other fisheries resources. Because of yellowfin tuna fecundity quite strong, so it should not undermine the strength of the general fishing the East China Sea and ocean tuna resources. More complex diet of tuna , squid, crab , eel , shrimp and the like marine animals are its cuisine. To complement the non-stop swimming and exuberant energy metabolism consumed , tuna must constantly eating. It is said that we should eat a meal of tuna is equivalent to 18 percent of their body weight of food . Tuna in marine organisms in the food chain is relatively the most high-end marine life, thus , we believe that the appropriate tuna fishing to protect squid, crab , eel , shrimp and sea creatures like the low-end of the food chain in marine organisms , to optimize the environment for the survival of marine life , the protection of a large number of other fisheries resources.
This contrast is also a fishing project energy saving operation , although the lights fence, but a short time of its lights , there are some dates can be produced during the day , more energy conservation. Vessels relative increase efficiency units . Ocean and Fishery Bureau , Zhejiang Province, in line with this year's proposed objectives.
Thus , the domestic tuna fishing , have better resources, and gradually expand the consumer market, there are willing to buy the processing units , there is no specialized fishing production units. As a major fishing area , we should make some attempt at domestic tuna production. Conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development today, theorists and scholars demonstrated the need for actual production . Tuna , domestic fisheries can round up ? This issue should be said to have made ​​a preliminary answer. Therefore testing is recommended as soon as the fishing system . Get more perceptual fishing through a comprehensive test system to better understand the production of tuna fisheries , migratory tuna stocks resources law . In the future, we can consider whether to expand the production of fishing capacity , to help fishermen get more revenue . While giving the community to create more fish , enrich the lives of the consumer population.
Seine fishing is a cluster of fish , large-scale, high- yield fishing gear , it has a positive track , surrounded by fish characteristics, reflected under the relevant master, because the large tuna purse-seine nets , fishing practices require large operation feeling fishing deck , big tuna body weight , in order to ensure the freshness of fish materials , tuna Rucang not be able to squeeze piled high , small tuna fishing vessels suited to the production of specialized , there are many difficulties , the best breadth of the ship 7 meters. Because migratory tuna has not mastered the law , is also exploring the tuna purse seine nets , the product requires a lot of fresh investment, there is an urgent need for government support of the tuna purse-seine fishing vessels tried to carry out a formal test fishing . In this connection, it is recommended fisheries authorities and local fisheries authorities concerned with this project , Zhejiang, full , give the biggest benefit support, including horsepower indicators , building permits or trial funding subsidies. Support for this project, both the rational use of tuna resources , but also to protect other fishery resources is achieved through a good thing.

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